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Anniversary Award
from June 1  to  December 31 2007

Norddeich Radio Award

    Earn a certificate celebrating 100 years of maritime mobile service from German coast station Norddeich Radio/DAN. 
    It celebrates maritime radio service in Germany starting in June 1st, 1907.
    The award was offered by the local radio amateur clubs Norddeich (DOK Z65 in VFDB) and Hage (DOK I55 in DARC) , and was open to all licensed radio amateurs and SWLs.


    100 points must be accumulated between June 1, 2007 and December 31, 2007, as follows:

    A QSO with DL100DAN is 20 points.

    • QSOs with DF0DAN, DK0DAN, and DL0DAN are 10 points.
    • All contacts with members of the OV Norddeich (Z65, VFDB) and OV Hage (I55, DARC) count 5 points.
    • Each contact via EME and Meteorscatter with distance  more than 1000 km with the clubstations DL100DAN, DF0DAN, DK0DAN and DL0DAN count 100 points .
  • Each station counted once per band. Contacts above 30 MHz counted double points. All amateur bands could be used. All modes except Packet Radio and Echolink may be used.
  • Submit a log for the certificate to:

    • Bernd Thomsen, DK1QO
    • Am Sportplatz 3,
    • D-26524 Hage, Germany
  • Include the fee of 5 Euros or 7 US Dollars, or transfer the money to:
    • VFDB OV Norddeich,
    • PSD Bank Nord eG,
    • BIC: GENODEF1P08,
    • IBAN: DE22 200909002185601600
  • Remarks:
    The certificate is 8.4 inches by 11.88 inches. It is multicolour-printed on heavy cardboard. The background image shows a picture of coast station Norddeich Radio/DAN, from 1957.